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Kintsugi is a Japanese art of renewal. It is the repair of a broken object in a way that emphasises and embraces the scars as part of the objects history. Showing that nothing is ever truly broken and that there is strength and beauty in imperfection.

A letter from me to you

12th April 2020

Two months ago I was probably having a little moan about my work and feeling a bit sorry for myself because I was dusting or hoovering over a two day weekend when I really just wanted to relax.

Today I am grateful for... Well... Everything.

My family are safe. They are being careful, they have food and shelter and are not sick.

I have a home. I have food (and 6 rolls of loo-roll!). I even have an Easter egg.

I have a job. Not only a job, but one that I can easily work from home. And that treats its employees with compassion.

My little Wonky Warriors business is my baby, and my love and my hobby, but it is not my main income. Therefore I am not suffering like many other small businesses.

I am so grateful that I got my breast cancer in 2018. I cannot even begin to imagine the extra stress I would have had if I was going through that – all alone – this year.

I am unbelievably lucky. I have decided to do the following two things.

I will be donating my made up stock to the breast cancer department of the hospital that treated me. So that they can gift to people going through surgery, radiation or chemo all alone.

Starting today – inspired by a conversation with my amazing Mum this weekend, I will be making Morse Code ‘HERO’ bracelets for the NHS staff who are working so bravely.

Why am I telling you this? Well – because I’m shutting my shop for a little while – though I will leave my custom orders open since the stock is not made up.

I’ll still be around on Social Media. And the current plan is to open the shop again in autumn.

I wish you all a Happy Easter. Today – instead of seeing our families we are going to stay home and contribute to the fight against coronavirus in the most important way that will make a difference. Don’t forget that. It feels passive – but it is essential.

Take care and stay safe guys.

Dawn x

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